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Baldricks Big Day Out, and Mats non-existant Make Out [Feb. 25th, 2007|09:16 pm]
[mood |lonelylonely]

Yesterday I dragged my family to the Stratford Medieval Festival. My expectations were high, my esteem was low. It got even lower when my mate's little sister appeared and oozed that they'd given Serenity (my chick that was living with them) away. My reply was "Well shit a brick. Who'd have thought. I'd never have been told if it weren't for you, Estella". Her Mum's rection involved following me around and telling me how if I was a bit nicer to people, maybe I'd have friends. Thanks, Mrs Van Der Lee. Turns out, the most medieval thing about the place was a guy running round dressed as a hunchback. The best thing was a stiltwalker with long black braids, multiple peircings and a Slipknot t-shirt on. I took a few too many photos of him. I think by the end he was paranoid I was stalking him. There was a tiny wee lass toddling round holding a turnip. And a woman with an extremely fat black daschund with tits that dragged the ground. And she looked just like her dog. The moment I figure out how to post pics I will. Somebody smart and nice should show me how to.

I developed 100 free V2V minutes on my phone. Called my mate Mat last night. Him and his buddies were drinking. I was put on speakerphone and asked many questions about whether I'd make out with any, all, or none of them (I said all) and in what order ( I said Mat (I wish), then in order of hair length). Poor Mat could be heard in the background going "That's my friend Lou and I love her dearly so stop being such idiots!". Mat's a sweetie. And super muscly.

In other news, I miss Brendan.
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Bloooooooood! [Feb. 23rd, 2007|09:20 pm]
I's posting on Livejournal. It's a miracle.
Mother and female sibling are watching a video that mother's english class is studying. It's old and boring. Poor kiddies having to sit through that. They're remedial tho, so it's great if they know which way to put their clothes on in the morning.
I tried to give blood today. Was really amped bout it all. Answered all the questions with great enthusiasm. My fave was "Have you had sex with a man?... If you are a man". I got right through the finger pricking (which hurt a lot) and as an afterthought they asked me if I'd had an endoscopy in the last 6 months. Shit. I can't donate blood til at least June now. Rather pissed bout it all. They took three tubes of my blood anyway. Dunno what for. They did give me a biscuit and a toy blood drop tho. Named him Vlad the Snork. 

Today is the 23rd of February. Three months til my birthday. I'll be seventeen. I don't like seventeen. I'd much rather go straight to eighteen. I live even numbers. Six days til I've been with my darling Brendan for six months. Six months. Half a year. That's gotta be some kind of record. 
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